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Tour of Wheaton Labs, the Movie!

Tour of Wheaton Labs, the Movie!

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Nestled in the mountains near Missoula, Montana, USA lies a hidden laboratory where experiments are conducted to make the world a better place. In this 2 hour movie, you will follow the lead Mad Scientist, Paul Wheaton, as he shows you his many experiments to gain world domination....with world domination meaning a world full of permaculture!

There are experiments in how to grow food in an optimal and ecologically sound way: hugelkultur, grey water systems, zero-energy greenhouses, water retention, and earthworks.

Wofati greenhouse and Hugels

To reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and use energy more efficiently, there are efficient woodburning rocket stoves, rocket mass heaters, rocket ovens, solar ovens, solar dehydrators and even a solar glass recycler.

Rocket cookstove and Solar dehydrator

In efforts to make homes more natural, affordable, and energy efficient, there is a rocket mass heated tipi, as well as various earth-sheltered homes called Wofaties. These wofatis are built from natural materials and require little to no heating and cooling.

Rocket mass heater in tipi and Natural floors

Follow Paul Wheaton as he guides you through over 300 acres of permaculture and homesteading experiments!

You can read more about the movie, and see lots more pictures in this thread: Tour Of Wheaton Labs , Movie.

Here's the full list of everything included in this full, two hours long movie:

- Introduction
- Roundwood timber framing a Couch Balcony
- Rolly Shelves
- Peter Vanderberg’s batch box rocket mass heater
- What is a stratification chamber?
- The easy bake coffin
- Rocket Oven
- Bermshed
- How we get our posts to last Bermshed continuation
- Rocket water heater
- Shower Shack
- Willow feeder
- Solar food dehydrator
- Unpressurized rocket water heater
- Willowonka
- Berm
- Drystack
- Apricot alley
- Fire wood rack
- Hugelkultur
- Rocketiest rocket mass heater
- Rocket mass heater for cooling in the summer
- 3 possible ways to improve the rocket mass heater system
- Garden patches
- Dry stack retention wall 2
- The Gulag and Sepp Holzer grain
- Tangle foot fence
- Junk-pole fence
- Rockjacks
- Haybox cooker
- No more external air intake for rmh
- Incandescent and led lighting at the Labs
- Workstation dock
- Cooper cabin Wofati building
- Cooper cabin gapper program (pre bootcamp)
- Cooper cabin umbrella
- Cooper cabin rocket cooktop
- Indoor willow feeder
- Allerton Abbey
- Natural floors
- Rocket cooktop 2.0
- Truly passive greenhouse
- Teepee Park
- Rocket mass heater teepee
- Skidable woodshed
- Outro